Vidyavan education service began in 2013 and since then we’ve helped hundreds of students to find the specialist help they need, whether that’s a one-off response to a specific problem or ongoing support around a challenging subject.

We aim to provide India’s best tutors, and have them constantly prove their excellence by getting top reviews and results from students.



Our innovative learning platform offers scheduled and on-demand courses that align with user needs. Students get access to choose and connect with preferred tutors, they may select courses and duration accordingly to their requirement and convenience.

Focus is on IIT-JEE Mains, Foundations and other Competitive Exams. We perform regular evaluation of students and provide preparatory assessments.


Using Creativity and Innovation as the numerator and the power of Knowledge as the denominator, we enable students to score more marks and get expertise in it.


Vidyavan is always committed to below points for quality output & Student/Parent satisfaction.

Our Quality

Our Teaching Methodology

Our Students Score

Benefits of LIVE Online Tutoring

Recorded Live Lectures

Recordings of every session available for revision. Useful if student misses a class

More Interaction better Knowledge

One-to-one sessions between the teacher and the student for doubt solving or personal mentoring

Flexibility in Time

Convenient, secure and no wastage of time in travel


Data Security will be provided