ANURAG –  10th CBSE Student:

I had registered in Vidyavan in mid of November. Previously I used to score 70-80% in SA’s, but now I have improved a LOT. Now I’m able to understand the basic concept map & able to score 100% in my exams. ThanQVidyavan !


DANE JHONSON –  10th ICSE Student

I’m lucky to know about Vidyavan, it helped me a lot. I was a dry desserted person before, now the situation is much more pleasant. I learnt many things which I never knew existed, learnt new ways to study. In short, Vidyavan Online Tuition is GREAT & my tutor is the BEST. 🙂


MARIAM –  B.E (CSE) Student

I found Mathematics-2 kind of difficult & needed guidance. I feel very fortunate to find Vidyavan& my Tutor is very friendly & understanding. After joining, M-2 is a lot easier now !


SAHITH –  B.Sc (Electronics) Student

I was very afraid of Maths before, but my maa’m changed me a lot that now I LOVE doing Maths. My maa’m explains complicated steps in simple way. Feeling very fortunate to be part of Vidyavan. Thank you.


SHALOM –  B.Sc Student

In my 1st sem I couldn’t understand Maths. Finally I found Vidyavan where my Tutor is really the BEST & teaches everything in very simple manner that we can understand very quickly. I really love to join this group. Thank U Vidyavan. Thanks a LOT mam !


Course Descriptions:

Vidyavan designed this course for students to excel in this subject. It is designed to complete the entire year syllabus in below mentioned duration. This course clearly helps students to get good knowledge on the subject and score well in the exams.