How it works?

Learning @ Vidyavan

Vidyavan designed various courses for highly engaging and interactive LIVE personalized learning.

Students who opt for online assistance will be able to manage their time, learn the materials that are presented by the tutors and complete the assignments on their own schedules.

Following this method not only help students to score well in the exams but also get expertise in the subject.

Basic requirement needed for Student / Tutor for joining online classes is specified below:




The prerequisite to attend online tutoring is to have the Personal Computer/ Lap top with the following configuration and accessories:

• Pentium dual core / above or equivalent
• Minimum 2 GB RAM (memory)
• Internet connectivity with 3 Mbps minimum
• Speakers / Head Phones
• Microphone
• Web camera – optional
• Browsers: Firefox, Explorer, Google Chrome

How to Connect ?

Sign Up:

Register with Vidyavan

Click on ‘SERVICES’:

Select Grade, Board, Subject and the Type of Course. Book the service that you would like to receive from tutors. Based on the availability classes will be scheduled and intimated to you by our counselors

Home Page:

After login, Home page pops up where you can check the class time table. Based on the scheduled timing you need to enter the virtual online class accordingly.

Stil want to know more information.

Please talk to our counsolers. We are happy to help you!  call us on 95815 38415.